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-Emperors Choice-
Adoption Policy

Just a few things we ask to make sure our cats are taken care of:

We only place our cats with loving people in good, permanent homes. You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a cat from us. Cats live on average 10 to 18 years. During a cat's lifetime, the cat's owner often experiences life changes, like moving, getting a roommate, dating, getting married, getting divorced, acquiring other pets, going to college, traveling, and having babies. We only adopt to people who will commit to making the adjustments necessary to keep their cat for the cat's whole life, even in the face of their lives' many challenges.

In addition, we only place our cats with people who satisfactorily complete an adoption profile form.

*We reserve the right to refuse adoption to any person*


Adoption Application
What is your name?

Where are you from?

E-mail address?

What is your phone number?

Do you have a veterinarian?

Veterinarian's name, phone, and address?

What type of cat do you wish to adopt (age, color, sex)?

Do you commit to keep the cat for its whole life?

Why are you interested in a Siamese?

Have you ever owned a Siamese before?

Do you have any dogs?

If yes, breed, age, sex, and temperment?

If none, have you had any in the past ten years?

What happened to your previous dog/s?

Do your dogs have behavior, or dominance problems?

Do your dogs get along with cats?

Do you have any other cats?

If yes, breed, age, and sex?

If none, have you had any cats in the past 10 years?

What happened to your previous cat?

Do your cats have any behavior, dominance, or health problems?

Are your other cats declawed?

Any other pets (describe)?

Do you have any children?

If yes, ages?

Have your children had cats?

If yes, was it successful?

Do you own or rent your home?

If rent, do you have permission to have pets?

Any community restrictions on cats?

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?

Where will your cat spend its days (Indoors, Outdoors, Kitchen, Crated, Basement, Garage, Porch, Locked in room)?

Where will your cat spend its nights(Indoors, Outdoors, Bedroom, Kitchen, Crated, Basement, Garage, Locked, in a room)?

Any other comments or information?


You've made a wise choice: A cat is a lovable, charming pet that offers endless fun and entertainment. But cats may only be lovable and charming if you treat them the way they should be treated, the way you yourself would want to be treated.

So, if you're thinking of adopting a cat, keep in mind these 10 tips about how to keep him healthy and happy

1. Like dogs, cats need to be fed good, nutritious food regularly, at least once a day.

2. Cats also need plenty of cool, clean, fresh water. Adult cats do NOT need milk, which might make them fat and give them diarrhea.

3. Keep your cat inside your home with you. But keep him in a separate room from birds and fish, which cats will attack. Also keep him away from house plants, which cats may destroy. Certain plants are also poisonous to cats.

4. Do NOT automatically have your cat declawed. Declawing has been compared to removing your fingernails. Would you like it? To prevent your cat from scratching or tearing your furniture, trim his claws regularly and provide him with a small rug or scratching post. Verbal scolding can also work wonders.

5. Unlike dogs, cats do NOT need to go outside. Cats are almost always naturally housebroken and will use a litter box even at an early age. Allowed outside alone. cats often get lost or hurt and sometimes get killed. Also, don't leave your cat alone in a room with an open window.

6. Make sure your cat always wears identification, even if you never let him outside. Agile and clever, cats sometimes manage to get outside by themselves. Provide the animals with a comfortable, expandable collar and an attached identification tag with your name, address and phone number on it. Consider purchasing a dog license for your cat. Also consider having your cat tattooed by a qualified veterinarian.

7. Unlike most dogs, cats do NOT need to be bathed. A healthy cat keeps himself clean and well groomed.

8. Make sure your cat gets good veterinary care, including all necessary examinations and shots.

9. Have your cat spayed or neutered by a veterinarian or at the ASPCA once the animal reaches maturity (usually after six or seven months of age). Your cat will enjoy a longer, healthier life, there'll be fewer strays on the streets and you'll be spared the hassles of a cat in heat.

10. Give your cat plenty of love and affection. Though cats are more independent than dogs, they thrive on your companionship.