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Siamese Cattery


 T.C.C.I. registered breeder, and Cattery of Excellence .

Member of the S.I.C.C

A P.P.C certified Feline Breeder Expert

Member of S.C.O.C.

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A breif history:

The Traditional Siamese (aka Applehead Siamese) is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. It preserves the look of the breed much as it existed when originally imported from Siam - a muscular, athletic cat, with round head and brilliant blue eyes and the striking contrast between point and body color which characterizes the breed. They are very calm, affectionate cats, typically healthy and long-lived - 15-20 years is average, and over 20 is not uncommon.
The Traditional Siamese is an intelligent, people-oriented cat which enjoys human companionship - whether it be as a lap warmer or chasing a toy. They are inquisitive and friendly, and like nothing better than to sit in the middle of something you are trying to read. They talk to their people in an affectionate, conversational way.

With their calm temperaments, they are well-adapted to life in either a house or an apartment. They are not in perpetual motion - they have a fairly balanced activity level and are just as happy to chase a toy as to curl up in your lap for a snooze.


Emperors Choice Crickett

Legend of the Siamese


The legend is that when English Consul General, Owen Gould, went to pay his farewell call on the King of Siam, the monarch offered him anything in his place to take home with him. Mrs. Gould asked for a pair of Siamese cats, much to the king’s dismay, for these cats were only housed in temples and palaces of Siam. Anyway, in 1884 the Goulds brought a pair to England. Apparently ailurophiles, visiting friends in Britain brought some to the United States. These cats were seal points and of course traditional Siamese. Siamese seem to know they are descended from royalty. I think their mother’s tell them when they are kittens.

We are a T.C.C.I registered
Breeder and Cattery of Excellence

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