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-Emperors Choice-
Vision Statement

"Caring people providing excellent pet care for people desiring excellent pet care!"

Quality services and grooming are available by highly respected and loved associates with a focus on the special relationship created by the human-companion animal bond.

 Our Standards for Success and Pet Care Management are set by Exemplary Standards of Customer Service, Care, Conduct, Communication, and Appearance, which create a Bond-Centered and Client-Centered environment provided by extensive staff training.

Our experiences are the key to the Client-Based pattern designed to implement a close working relationship between owner and your veterinarian and unique to the Kingsport and surrounding area.

 Excellent written and verbal communication skills will serve as a focal point for communicating with and educating our pet owners regarding health and care related issues, and providing recommendations to pet owners regarding the optimal care of their pets.

Your veterinarian will oversee and maintain medical records incorporating your pets detailed needs.

 Above all, we appreciate the love that owners have for their pets.

We would like to have the unique opportunity to participate in training to maintain optimal pet health.


 Above all, we are excited about the opportunity to assist in any way possible to ensure pets are provided the best care possible.

 Our goal is to provide assistance, to pet owners in locating the best veterinary care in our community.


 For additional information, please visit us at:

We are located in Kingsport, Tennessee.


You may contact me via e-mail and are guaranteed a response within 24hours!