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-Emperors Choice-
Customer Testimonials

Letters from our adopters-


To Whom It May Concern:


Our Kitten purchased from Emperors Choice Siamese Cattery (L. Williams) arrived "as advertised". He was healthy, clean, and full of life and vigor. He is the most beautiful cat I have ever had.


On the first day after arrival we had our Veterinarian give the kitten a check up as recommended by L. Williams. The Vet verified that the kitten was sound - heart was excellent, lungs were clear, eyes bright and clear, excellent hearing, quick reflexes and responses.


We were very much pleased with our experience with Lindsey. From start to finish it was trouble free and first class. She even provided us with both Nutro and Iams Kitten Kits to make the transition between homes easier. Lindsey also had a wide selection of Professional Vet products available to us. We look forward to our continuing contact with Lindsey. I would definitely recommend Emperors Choice Siamese Cattery to everyone!


Mr. & Mrs. G. Edmund Cushing

Flat Rock, NC

Dear Lindsey,


 I wanted to let you know how happy I was when I found the Emperors Choice web site.  I have been looking for a Siamese cat to own.  You made the process easy and responded back with in 24 hours.  I was glad to know that I am working with a breeder who really cares about the kittens in their care.  Siamese have great characteristics and personalities, which is one of the main reasons that I have wanted to get a Siamese.

Thanks again for everything and I cant wait to meet you and hold my kitten Sidda.



Laury Navyac

Nashville, TN 



Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate the care you give to your kittens. I want everyone to know how pleasant and worry free your adoption process was. You have made everything so easy and hassle free.. Crickett is such a wonderful kitten. She is beautiful, sweet, and very playful. I think anyone looking for the perfect Siamese should turn to you & Emperors Choice Cattery.


Thank you,

Deb Forrester

Kingsport, TN

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